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Friday, October 26, 2018

mid90s a Film Written & Directed by Jonah Hill - Young Skate Boarders that Never Takes Flight

Jonah Hill wrote & directed the film mid90s about a 13 year Stevie (Sunny Sujic) who looks for acceptance & excitement amongst a group of older skateboarders to escape his turbulent or dull life at home.  He lives with his single mother and abusive older brother Ian (Lucas Hedges).  Ian doesn't miss an opportunity to physical brutalize his young brother.  Stevie when left on his own seeks acceptance from an older group of skateboarder who smoke and hang-out in places they shouldn't.  Stevie submits easily to peer pressure especially from Ruben (Gio Galicia) who is closest in age.  Ruben entices him to smoke cigarettes & weed.  Stevie's reckless daredevil stunts to impress the older boys nearly gets him killed (it's a miracle he wasn't) and this earns him the acceptance into the group. Stevie's acceptance causes a growing resentment from Ruben.  The film itself is a daily grind of boredom fraught with risk taking skateboard tricks that failed to grip interest.  There is one stunning shot of the group of skateboarders gracefully curving down the middle of traffic at twilight.  This is the only moment the film takes flight.

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