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Monday, July 27, 2015

The German Film PHOENIX is a Haunting Thriller in Post WWII in Germany

PHOENIX, by German dir. Christian Petzoid is subtitled (poorly) in English.  It is a deeply stirring and haunting film set just after WWII in Germany.  Nelly, a concentration camp survivor, is being brought home, her face covered in bloody bandages by her close friend Lene.  Nelly is terribly disfigured and an emotional wreck.  She asks the physician doing her facial reconstruction, to make her look as she did before the war.  "That is not possible," her Dr. informs her.  Lene tries her best to assure Nelly she is still beautiful and fortunate to have survived.  Her friend also advises Nelly of her large inheritance as the sole family survivor.  Lene advises her to use the money to move to Palestine and help build a homeland for Jews.  Nelly doesn't understand.  She never considered herself Jewish and is only concerned with finding her husband, Johnny.  "The Germans almost killed you for being Jewish and your husband betrayed you," Lene tells her.  Johnny turned his wife in to the Nazi's to save himself.  Nelly finds Johnny whom she still reverently loves, working in a nightclub called  Phoenix.  Johnny sees Nelly who he acknowledges that she reminds him of his dead wife. He doesn't accept that she is his wife.  He prefers to believe she died in the camps.  He inveigles Nelly, ("Esther") to pose as his wife enabling him to claim the inheritance & he'll compensate her. The intrigue and pace of this nightmarish betrayal is chilling.  The climatic ending bears down with gravitas and grace. We are reminded of man's unfathomable capacity for cruelty and ability to turn a blind eye to inhumanity.  There are blazing metaphors in this suspenseful and unforgettable film.      

NYC Just Got a Whole New Make Over-Look Fabulous at Blushington

Blushington a new make-up, beauty salon opened in the Parker Meridien right across from DryBar.  Summer in the city is not always pretty but that's no reason not to feel & look your best.  Try a professional make-up application in a stylish setting.  Pamper yourself and do your part to put your best face forward.  It's fun, it's affordable and frankly we all deserve to feel & look our best.  Go on line and check out their services and pricings.  Tell them, Melinda sent you and you can thank me later.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Zoe Leonards' Photo Show: ANALOGUE at MoMA

Photo journalist, Zoe Leonard's (b. Amer. 1961) exhibit: ANALOGUE amasses over 400 unified, sized photos; black/white & color of small, urban store fronts & kiosks around the world.  The photos all capture facades of desolate & dying store fronts/business.  The presence of humans or animals are completely absent. The homage to the small mom/pop, free standing businesses has a very melancholy, desolete impact.  Small business run over by big business & passed by with time, resonates profoundly with feelings of failure & abandonment.  On the other hand, the pictorials of the journey of recycled goods has been appropriated abundantly and feels cliche.  Added to this are photos highlighting signage of obsolete businesses (Kodak) and the omnipresent, omnipotent global corporations (Coca Cola.)  Leonard's photo exhibit is not compelling enough to warrant a visit to the MoMA in and of itself but it does serve as an introductory dialogue to the more prominent and powerful (not to be missed exhibit) Scenes for a New Heritage:  Contemporary Art from the Collection on the same floor.

The Film PAPER TOWNS by Y/A Author John Green

PAPER TOWNS is the latest novel by John Green to be adapted to the screen.  Green, an award winning writer of Y/A novels captures the exurberance of youth and who uses literary & cultural references for added gravitas.  Unlike his previous novel/film THE FAULT in OUR STARS, a stirring  story of young star crossed lovers with terminal illnesses, PAPER TOWNS is a lighter romantic comedy, road trip romp with a group of high school seniors.  The film is a faithful adaption of the novel which is light in tone and shorn of the novel's frequent references to Whitman's Leaves of Grass.  This is a contemporary pastiche: revenge of the nerds, best buds, nice guys who get the girls and the best night of our lives movie.  It captures carefree fun on the precipice of adulthood. The road trip is a little long & the pissing scenes prolonged, but PAPER TOWNS should resonate with todays' teens.  Quentin (Nat Wolf, THE FAULT IN OUR STARS) is the pragmatic, hardworking senior in love with the gorgeous girl next door, Margo (Chanel model Cara Delevingne.)  Quentin's 2 best friends and fellow band mates have always been one beat outside the inner circle of the school's cool crowd.  According to Quentin "Everyone gets a miracle at some point in their lives. You just have to be sure to look for it." PAPER TOWNS is worth catching.  

THE WEIR at the Irish Rep. Ghost Tales Told In a Small Irish Pub

The Irish Rep. is a tiny pot of gold amidst  larger B'wy & off B'wy theaters.  Dedicated to Irish writers and dramas, the Rep. has a long history of dleighting audiences with bliss & a taste for the blarney.  Some shows here are hits and some are miss.  THE WEIR is neither here nor there but somewhere in betwixt.  Set in a cozy pub on a cold, howling night where the locals make themselves quite at home (in a pub that is attached to the owners' home.)  The timeless setting could be present day, in a small Irish town or sometime within the last 100 years.  There are 3 local men who gather to gab, imbibe and commiserate.  The gossip on this night of howling winds, warmed from the glow of a wood burning stove, is sparked with talk of a new female resident. The women is expected to be brought to the pub by the married, local hotelier.  The bachelors conjecture whether an illicit rendezvous is implied.  As all 5 gather together, the drinks flow and the raconteurs regale each other with local ghosts tales.   These frightful tales are all banal. The mournful yarns are the real tragedies and missed opportunities for happiness that have befallen one another.  THE WEIR weaves an unhurried pace that will leave many feeling bogged down in the mire.  But, the enchantment of this Olivier winning play by Irish playwright, Conor McPherson, lies in the telling.  Those patient with the pace with be rewarded by the elegance & grace of its Irish charms.  

Saturday, July 25, 2015

SOUTHPAW starring Jake Gyllenhal Gets a Marginal Thumbs North

SOUTHPAW is the newest underdog boxing movie. It's a rematch of of older, broken in boxing films.  It has some ROCKY pumped with MILLION DOLLAR BABY.  There's the former golden-boy, washed up fighter, the fight trainer fighting his own demons while inspiring others and the cliched, self-serving promoter played by Fifty Cents.  (Ironically, Fifty Cents is claiming bankruptcy in real life & on screen, Billy Hope (an always winning Jake Gyllenhaal is bankrupt with his back against the ropes. Hope's wife, Maureen (the beautiful Rachel McAdams) is knocked off early in the film leaving Billy suicidal, homocidal and a bereft single father fighting to win custody of his daughter.  The daughter, Leila (Oona Laurence, Bwy's Matilda) is a talented young actress of stage & screen.  It's priceless to have Forest Whitaker in your corner & in your movie.  He plays Titus, the somewhat saintly gym owner & mentor for kids with little else going for them.  As luck will have Titus is also Billy Hope's last hope. This movie goes too many rounds round the block.  I found myself looking at the clock.  But, just when it feels like the movie may be down for the count, it delivers a few jabs to the heart.  Rapper Eminem contributes his rap music to the score.  The 1 - 2 combo of a C script with an A+ cast helps keep this movie on its feet.  This predicatable but pleasurable boxing film where you the good guy prevails gets a split decision.  It comes out a winner, but only by a small margin.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Art Exhibition at City Hall Park in NYC is Free But Not Much to See

Image Object exhibition at City Hall Park is a collection of contemporary sculptures/installations (2015) that are provided by the Public Art Fund.  I found the large bust of a woman, by Ross-Ho, encapsulated by a square neon green frame, interesting.  I thought the 2 white marble "Moore" like pieces by Jon Rafman graceful and beautiful (although obviously appropriated from Moore's works.)  And, the shiny purple sculpture of an arm with a finger holding up a basket is taken from pop-culture; an appropriated photo of a Harlem Globetrotter was fun & forgettable.  These were 3 of the 7 large installations clustered at the southern tip of the Park.  All recent works have a common thread; merging technology (technically mediated imagery) into objects.  Still, art is in the eye of the beholder as the old saying goes and this self-annointed art critic says don't go out of your way to view the pieces.   However, free is free.  And, if you're on jury duty (technically not free) use your lunch break and make it your get-away destination.

Art Around City Hall Park on View

Should you be assigned jury duty (you're a New Yorker) or should you be a tourist wanting to cross the Bklyn Bridge or view public art works, visit City Hall Park to enjoy public artworks & historic landmarks.  Behind the Court House, on a shady promenade with benches, there is a humongous "Caldor" like sculpture painted all in red, constructed of combined circular forms.  It is almost graffiti-free (not the wisest place to mark public property) if you wish to remain discreet.  However, there are some stickers high-up one side:  a black/white sticker "Vans off the Wall."  I have no idea, but there is a sticker with 3 peace symbols in red, green & yellow.  I didn't find a placque with information regarding an artist, etc.  I did observe a nimble, young boy climbing up the sculpture calling out for his mother to watch.  Nearby is a prison window built in 1763 used by the British during the Revolutionary War.  The prison was demolished in 1892.  The window was claimed as a historical artifact.  (It does have a cross emblazoned on the plaque.)  While on jury duty I was pleased to note when being sworn under oath, the word God is no longer included.  However, in the jury pool room, in large letters on the wall are the words "In God We Trust." This phrase is found on all our printed currency.  A woman is about to be featured on the $10 bill.  Perhaps, court houses & currency should be made current by striking these words from government institutions.

Historic Slavery Memorial Sites Around City Hall Park TRIUMPH of the HUMAN SPIRIT

In the center of NYC's court houses is a round fountain featuring a colossal and glorious black sculpture.  It is a stunning & awe inspiring work.  This sculpture was created by renowned sculptor & award winning author (Jalani & the Lock) Dr. Lorenzo Pace.  It was commissioned by the City of NY's Dept. of Cultural Affairs & the Dept. of Parks.  The sculpture is to honor the memory of African Americans forced into slavery.  It is the largest outdoor monument dedicated to the memory of those who perished under our country's heinous legalized system of slavery.  It serves as a pillar of remembrance to a disgraceful epoch in our nation's history and as a beacon to justice.  The incredibly tall vertical section represents an African headdress and the base of the sculpture is a replica of the shackles put on Dr. Pace's great-great grandfather who was ensnared, kidnapped and taken by force overseas and thrust into slavery.  The solemn work completed by Dr. Pace in 2000 serves as a place of respite and contemplation.  Across the street is burial site where 427 unknown slaves' bodies were excavated.  TRIUMPH of the HUMAN SITE and the Burial Grounds are dedicated to all slaves captured and brought unwilling to America.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

TRAINWRECK Has You Laughing Until it Hurts

Comedy goddess Amy Schumer, writer/star of TRAINWRECK, has talent that shoots 3 pointers at sexist stereotyping & misogynistic attitudes v. women (except Gizelle Bundchen beauties & NY Knicks City Dancers.)  Schumer's humor is so on target she slam dunks her witty, commitment phoebic character without error.  Schumer is Amy, a writer for an off-beat magazine.  She is assigned to a piece on sports dr. to the A-list athletes, Aaron (played by a disarming SNL alum, Bill Hader.)  Aaron is struck with Amy. He's coached by Lebron James playing himself & Aaron's bf, how to rally to score a championship relationship.  I root root rooted for the two to get back together. Comic  Colin Quinn shows strong acting chops as Amy's philandering father & Archie Bunker bigot (loath the racist, sexist comments but still love the man.  We're also fans of the strong sister bond between Amy & her sister, played endearingly by Brie Larson.  The baby shower scene with dance master/monster Abby Miller is riotously funny.  Amy says, "I like her" & so do we in her cameo role.  There's a full bench of athletes & actors who add batting power to this hilarious hit.  (Fuck A-Rod) Special high 5's to Studemeyer (as himself) & the Knick City Dancers that can use Amy on their squad.  This touching, comedy/romance bromance has technical fouls, flags thrown and still prevails as a hilarious, joyride.  Amy Schumer towers over all Uptown Girls.

The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey by James Lecesne

This totally sparkling & entertaining Off-B'wy play by Acad. Award winner James Lecesne (TREVOR) directs his talents to towards shifting the world towards a more tolerant and vibrant place. TREVOR inspired the establishment of a nation-wide 24 hr. suicide prevention & crisis outreach for LGBT and struggling youths.  BRIGHTNESS is a 1 act, 1 actor play where the actor/author assumes multiple roles in a very charming & seamless thread.   Lecesne begins talking to directly to the audience to set the scene;  NJ 10 years ago.  He reveals himself as the lead detective in a small NJ town where nothing much ever happens or changes.  But evil can happen anywhere. "Hell is empty and the devils are here."(Tempest)  Leonard Pelkey, a flamboyant 14 yr. old is brutally murdered.  Leonard (though not related) has been taken in by Ellen with her teen daughter, Pheobe.  Ellen runs the local salon Hair Today.  Phoebe is going through an awkward adolescence;  having Leonard in the family doesn't make things easier for Phoebe or her mom.  Leonard was remembered for his rainbow, platform sneakers and by the local theater group.  Leonard stood out in a small homogenous town infested with homophobia.  He was one of the few who didn't own a cell phone, "and that may have made him more open to things around him."  The intimate theater utilized videos for added impact.  My favorite characters were Pheobe, the mobster's wife and Ellen's bawdy girlfriend.  Change is a key theme in this cheeky play in a non-preachy way.  This compact play is brimming with irony, humor, philosophy & powerful soliloques.  Several Shakespearean references are made.  This delightful & illuminating play (not compared with W.S.) is still a damn good play.  "This above all: to thine own self be true."(Hamlet)

Friday, July 17, 2015

Ian McKellen as MR. HOLMES Is Elementary My Dear

MR. HOLMES is a new film featuring an aging Sherlock Holmes eloquently played by the irrepressible Sir Ian McKellen.  Sir McKellen is an actor of royal stature. He's been honored with 6 Olivier Awards & 2 Acad. Award noms.  MR. HOLMES should garner McKellen a 3rd Oscar nom. for his curmdugeonly, sagacious & sympathetic role as the iconic, fictitious detective.  The film is produced in part with BBC Productions.  It has the makings of a MASTERPIECE PBS show.  It stars  MASTERPIECE's hostess Laura Linney, a 3X Oscar nom. actress, Roger Allan who plays an inspector on a PBS series and Phil Davis, currently seen in MASTERPIEC's POLDARK.  Linney is Mrs. Munro, a WWII widow, who is the overburden housekeeper and caregiver to Holmes and her young son, Roger (Milo Parker.)  Keep your eyes open for future starring roles by this fine young actor.  The film is set in England in the late 1940's.  An aging Holmes returns to his country, sea-side home to ruminate over his last unresolved case which has filled him with remorse.  Holmes who (may or may not be suffering from senility) is in poor health.  The movie cleverly weaves several past & present mysteries with flashbacks to London & Japan.  Holmes final case ended tragically leaving him marooned and melancholy.  Roger proves a formidable, intellectual peer.  The two collude into friendship under Holmes' mentorship & shared interest in apiaries.  Sherlock Holmes fans will have more to love with newly revealed elements to his character; regrets, loneliness and affection. Those new to Holmes will be smitten.  Of course, the amazingly observant & omnipotent Holmes remains steadfast & on course. This lush film enhances Sir Conan Doyle's legacy with intrigue, poignancy & beauty.  "Human nature is a mystery that logic cannot illuminate."  Clearly, this is a rare gem of the cinema.  

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Parker Posey in a Film Soc. Talk at Elinor Munroe Theater

Free tickets were being given out on a 1st come basis yesterday starting at 5:30PM to hear Parker Posey in dialogue as part of the Film Soc. Talk series.  The talk was scheduled from 6:30PM -7:30PM.  I got in line at 5:15PM and had no problem gaining a ticket (1 per person) which were handed out at 5:30PM.  Once inside the movie theater, there seemed to be plenty of seats available but by 6:30PM the small theater was filled.  Parker Posey has a lead role in the new Woody Allen movie, An Irrational Man. Hopes ran high that we would be privy to a sneak peek.  Not seeing the film was marginally  disappointing but the talk itself was insipid and self-indulgent.  The moderator who never introduced himself showed us the same trailer in theaters now for the movie and then asked Parker to join him.  A blonde Parker walk down the steps in a long black caftan wearing large gold bracelets.  She sat coquettishly in her directors chair and drone on for 20 minutes about her new hairdo which was blah blah boring.  Parker even asked the audience is this boring, can I leave?  Rhetorical questions that should have met with a yes.   She told us of her southern Catholic upbringing and her lackluster, probationary time at SUNY-Purchase.  She left before the end of he senior year for a part on a soap opera.  Known for her roles in smaller independent films she told us how emotional she became when offered the role by Woody after a 3 minute meeting.  Questions were opened to the audience which were all fawning.   The 45 minute interview had me yawning.

Israeli Film A BORROWED IDENTITY Israeli/Palestinian Romeo & Juliet Tale

The Israeli film A BORROWED IDENTITY by dir. Eran Riklis (LEMON TREE, DANCING ARABS) is a star crossed lovers tale between a Palestinian/Israeli boy & Israeli girl.  However, this would simplfy a very complex and compelling film.  The film begins in 1982 with Eyad as a young Palestinian living with his family in Israel. Eyad is an exceptionally bright child.  His parents want the best education for him for a better life, (not unlike most parents.)  Eyad is accepted into the best high school in Tel Aviv; an all Jewish school.  He finds acceptance amongst his peers & love with a beautiful Jewish girl, Naomi.  The juxtaposition of hatred between Palestinians & Jews seems to be baseless & would dissipate living side by side, geting to know each other as individuals.  In reality, Arafat & Arab states are escalating military attacks v. Israel and retaliations are mounting.  Palestinians are seen as dirty Arabs; subject to interrogation & discrimination in Israel.  Naomi parents are appalled & refuse to let her associate with Eyad.  All students are assigned community service.  Eyad is sent to aid Jonathan, a boy his age, paralyzed & of flailing health.  The love story between the beautiful young couple is endearing but mundane (and drawn out.)  The powerful impact of the film stems from the friendship that develops between Eyad and Jonathan & his mother Enid.  The bond the develops between the 3 lead to altruistic sacrficies that are gut wrenching.  This poignant film strives for peace between Jews & Arabs.  This cannot do be done without spewing systemic hatred & noting far better opportunities lie with the Jews of Israel v. the Palestinian/Israeli population.    

Monday, July 13, 2015

The play PRELUDES about Rachmaninoff is an Overture to Genius

The new play PRELUDES by Obie winning playwright (Natasha, Pierre & The Great Coment o 1812) and composer, is a biographical play on Rachmaninoff.  It is also about art, genius, love and legacy.  This intelligent & remarkable drama hits all the right chords.  In addition to being a skillful play that morphs time, cultures and music to make something incredible unique that combine to make a great work.  Inspired by the music of Rachmaninoff, the cast performs music by Rachmaninoff, Mussorgsky, Paganini, Bach, Beethoven and new compositions by the plays inventive creator Dave Malloy.  The multi-talented and hypnotic cast all act, sing and perform on the piano.  Other historic geniuses who were contemporaries of Rachmaninoff are woven into this pastiche of music, lyrics and intelligent interludes include:  Tolstoy, Tchaikovsky & Tsar Nicholas II to name but a few.  Set in 1990 Moscow, Rachmaninoff is suffering from depression & writers block due in large part to a disasterous performance of his Symphony #1 in St. Petersburg conducted by the acclaimed but inebriated Glazunov.  Rachmaninoff's beloved fiancee (and 1st cousin) Natalya, a pianist & teacher, struggles to bring Rachmininoff out of his malaise and back to life & composing.  Her prodding to seek professional help brings him to hypnotherapist, Nikolai Dahl.  Dahl's orchestration of Rachmaninoff's thoughts enables him to set aside his demons and rejuvenates his self-esteem & rare musical genius.  The set, acting, musical numbers & unexpected juxtapositions of time, characters & music made me stand up & cheer; bravo.  There is one interlude in PRELUDE in the 2nd act (which follows a 5 min. pause) that is an intolerably long & difficult section to appreciate.  But true geniuses are often unappreciated in their life times.  There are rare individuals in every epoch whose greatness will leave a significant mark.  PRELUDES is brilliant show that should be revered & appreciated by future generations.

INFINIITELY POLAR BEAR stars Mark Ruffalo & Zoe Saldana-Totally Heartwarming

This touching & affecting auto-bio film by Maya Forbes tells of her & her younger sister's upbringing being raised by a single a parent struggling with manic/depression. The girls' frenetic & eccentric lives reveal the pain, humiliation and helplessness felt when a loved one suffers from mental illness. The father, Cam, played by the indomitable Mark Ruffalo, battles with bi-polar disorder. This wrecks havoc on the entire family. The understanding & impresario mother, Maggie (Zoe Saldana in an Oscar worthy performance) leaves their 2 girls in their father's care in Boston while she pursues her MBA in NYC.  Maggie wants to provide a better life for her girls and the girls would like a life that included their mother more & their father less.  The levity in this often disturbing film stems from the extreme behaviors of their father that frightens, shames & bewilders them. The family has other major struggles, being a bi-racial family and living at the poverty line.  The strength of the film comes from the love, support & understanding the family members provide for one another.  Maya Forbes is an Emmy winning writer/dir/producer.  Forbes  courageous storytelling, the beautiful cinematography that captures the '70's & and entire stellar cast (including Forbes' daughter) makes this a hard driving infinitely watchable.  It, tugs at your heart strings and evokes empathy for individuals and their families dealing with mental disorder.  The daughters ask their mother if she regrets marrying their father, "Never, we have what no one else have."  They have a family with serious issues that stays together and makes things work with their love and devotion for each other.  

Sunday, July 12, 2015

SHOW for DAYS with Patti Lupone, Stay Home

SHOW for DAYS at Lincoln Center is a fictionalized biopic love song to local community playhouses.  Douglas Carter Bean is a multi-Tony nom. playwright.  His intent was to show how vital theater is while being charming & witty.  What a pity.  It's overbearing & shitty.   Car (Michael Urie) plays the h.s. student who stumbles into a crumbling local rep.  Before you know it, he's an actor &  playwright. He becomes infatuated with live theater & 1 male actor in particular.  Car comes on a stage in the present as his adult self to take us back with him to Reading, PA in 1973, and a happen chance encounter with a flailing local rep. company.  He doubles as his teen self by removing his glasses, slinging on a backpack & adopting an incredulous act of naivety.  The set is barren except for multi-colored tape used as marks . Car spends too much time explaining to the audience what each area signifies and being a stagehand.  Irene (a grandiose Patti Lapone) is the mgr., star & driving force of the fledging company she considers family.  Basically, Irene, is an overblown do it all, know it all and will do anything to keep putting on a show.  Irene comes in like a wrecking ball. She stays in bombastic mode which is exhausting.  Congrats to Car i.e. (Bean) who keeps switching from 14 in 1973 to 42 today.  He lets the audience in on the successes & joys he's garnered from the theater; a Tony, a husband & family.  The show is stuffed to the gills with homosexual "inside" jokes it made me choke.  I did enjoy Clive (Lance Williams) who brought some levity. The wrecking ball was obsolete, the show was in shambles.  The best to hope for is someone on their phone to get a credible reaction from Lupone.      

Monday, July 6, 2015

Melinda's Top 10 Movie Picks Jan - July '15

For the 1st 1/2 of the year, I've chosen my top 10 favorite films.  In alphabetical order:

1. Farewell Party - Israeli Film - Euthanasia debate

2. It Follows - An Amer. Horror Film - truly frightening

3. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl - Amer. Film with heart & great acting

4. Mr. Turner - British Biopic Film

5. "71" British Film The Irish & British Conflict - a tense escape drama

6. Testament to Youth - British film based on Vera Britten's memoir

7. 3 1/2 Minutes - Amer. Doc. on the murder of a black teen in FL

8. The Salt of the Youth - French/Portuguese Doc. on photographer Delgado

9. Two Days One Night - French Film with Marion Cotillard

10. Wild Tales - An Argentinian Dark Comedy

Honorary mention to The Woman in Gold with Helen Mirren - a legal battle for the Klimt painter

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Melinda's Hiatus- Half-Time Top 10 Picks for the Year

Taking time out from the Big Apple to enjoy the vineyards…Check out my top 10 favorite cultural events in  NYC from Jan - July '15.   In alphabetical order:

1. Alvin Ailey @ Koch Theater - 2 new works:  No Longer Silent choreography by Robert Battle and Exodus choreography by Rennie Harris

2. An American in Paris @ the Booth Theater; choreography by Christopher Wheeldon  

3. Louis Armstrong Museum in Queens, his residence for 30+ years.

4. Between Riverside & Crazy at 2nd Stage Theater

5. Brooklyn Art Museum 2 simultaneous exhibits:  Jean Michel Basquiat and Kehinde Wiley

6. Freedom Journey Photos by Somerstein at Nat'l Historic Soc.

7. Hand to God at the Booth Theater

8. Jacob Lawrence Migration Series @ MoMA

9. Wynton Marsalis Jazz Orch @ Lincoln Ctr celebrates Joe Temperly

10. NYPhilharmonic performs Strauss Suite at Avery Fisher

The NY Rangers get an honorable mention for their Stanley Cup playoffs at MSG.