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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A STAR IS BORN is a Bore but Bradley Cooper Can Sing, Lady Gaga Can Do Anything

The latest remake of "A Star is Born" is a sappy love story of couple coping with the rise in career of  one & the demise of the other.  New singer/songwriter Ally (Lady Gage) is discovered by country singing sensation Jackson (Bradley Cooper) while performing in a drag queen bar.  The film fails to twinkle despite its mega star power.  The incomparable Lady Gaga lights up the screen with her phenomenal voice and solid acting chops in a tour-de-force performance.  Meanwhile, Bradley Cooper as country singing legend Jackson is not too shabby at holding a tune.  His singing is surprisingly appealing & convincing as a country crooner.  However, Cooper in his directorial debut may have taken on too many cowboy hats. The chemistry works between Gaga & Cooper but the movie doesn't flow.  It has a very disjointed feeling that doesn't gel.  The story is too washed down in Jackson as a sloppy, self-destructive drunk.  Sam Elliott is type cast and phones in his role as Jackson's older brother & thankless caretaker.  An interesting casting choice is Andrew Dice Clay as Ally's doting & self-promoting father.  Nevertheless, for all its blazing star power, A STAR IS BORN fails to promote sparks.  Like the punches thrown, the film never quite strikes its intended mark.  

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