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Saturday, March 16, 2019

"The Owl" Posted on MTA Poetry in Motion - Be on the Lookout!

The MTA subway has its problems - you don't have to be an Einstein to uncover them.  But, it's wise  seeking out its artistic reprieves while you ride.  "The Owl" by Chinese-American poet Arthur Sze (b 1950) was in plain sight at the back of the car.  Sze has received a nomination for the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry.  For those who may not have found this treasure hiding out in plain sight:
               The Owl

The path was purple in the dusk,
I saw an owl, perched on a branch.
And when the owl stirred a fine dust
fell from its wings.  I was silent then. And left the owl quaver
And at dawn waking the path was green in the May light.

A delightful hoot to brighten your day - albeit on the subway.

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